AI Universal Move: Move Parts, Assemblies, Faces, Workplanes, and 2D Elements all in a single operation!

Being able to move multiple objects at the same time (including faces and workplanes or 2D elements) is very useful.The new AI Move function allows this, and also allows fine control over what gets moved and what does not, giving you the ability to turn ON or OFF assemblies, parts, faces, workplanes, and 2D elements. Smart selection automatically sorts your boxed selection into the simplest representation. For example, if all faces in a part are in the boxed selection, the part is selected rather than the faces. Similarly, if all parts in an assembly are in the boxed selection, the assembly is select rather than the parts. In the case that you want to select all the parts in an assembly, but not the assembly itself, you can still directly select any objects by their specific object type, and AI Move will keep that selection and move those selected objects.

unimove-2ptdir-2.pngAI UniMove 2 Points in DirectionAI Move allows multiple methods: 2 Points, 2 Points in Direction, and Direction and Length. The Two Points in Direction method allows you to pick two points, and specify the direction along which the second point should be projected. AI Move also calculates the projected distance for you -- no measuring required -- and also gives you the ability to override the distance if desired. Check out the video to see it in action!

Additionally, if any of the parents of the selected objects are read-only, rather than just failing with an error message (as the native Modeling command does), AI Move asks you whether you want to Allow Edit or skip those objects (and, if you're using Model Manager, you will be given the option to reserve those parent objects). 

AI Universal Move is the easiest way to move multiple objects at once! Try it for yourself!